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BIGJOY is the debut artist project of LA based producer & songwriter Kyle Berzle.  His genre-bending style is characterized by pop leaning melodies wrapped up with rich, unexpected textures and soundscapes.  With a deep reverence for a wide range of music and artistic references, BIGJOY beautifully blends organic and synthetic elements to create new and fresh palettes for every song. With a lineup of songs slated for 2022, the one thing you can expect is for your expectations to be defied. Each song lives in its own world yet collectively they make up a cohesive universe. His debut single Bandwidth, is a cathartic guitar-driven synth bop living in the aesthetic world of Mura Masa, Porches, and Dominic Fike, with his future catalog boasting deeper synth cuts ranging from Jai Paul to Disclosure.  A through line of BIGJOY is that he is led by feeling and his search for joy and community among the anxiety inducing world in which we live.

+1 (858)395-2109

Debut Single Bandwidth Out Now!

BIGJOY’s debut single Bandwidth is fully self produced, mixed, and mastered at his DTLA studio.  It’s the debut project of artist/producer Kyle Berzle who was behind Broods’ new album Space Island, James Supercave's titular track M.O.W.O., among other indie favs. This guitar-driven synth bop lives in the aesthetic world of Mura Masa, Porches, and Dominic Fike. The track came on his 30th birthday, May 19, 2022, and represents a cathartic moment of embracing a new chapter while also reconnecting with his inner child and prioritizing self love and core values.

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Download High-Res Press Pics Here!


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