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This collection is a series of b&w photos and self-portraits on 35mm film from the week following the release of Bandwidth and my 30th birthday.  Releasing my first song and moving into a new decade was a huge new chapter opening - BIGJOY was finally a reality and Bandwidth captured a highly transitional moment for me.  The song is about the catharsis of embracing self-love and authenticity after years of struggling to do so, connecting with your inner-child, and leaving behind what's no longer serving you.  It's stretching your emotional bandwidth with the understanding that there are no bad emotions, but that they all serve a critical role in living wholeheartedly.  High-highs are never without low-lows, and in the depths is where you build empathy, compassion, and love with the understanding that everyone exists down there some days.  Lastly, it's about loving your own mind, body, and spirit inside and out and remembering that everyone is strange and nude part of the time.  So to celebrate the occasion, I spent a week in the mountains grounding myself, channeling gratitude, and being naked in the woods. :)  You can listen to Bandwidth here!  $5 dollars of every print goes to the Trevor Project, which provides deeply needed support and counseling to LGBTQ+ youth, who deserve every ounce of self-love and solidarity.  <3

*artful nudity below haha

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